For the last twenty years we have been helping innovative leaders with bold visions solve difficult problems and build great organizations. 

We work at the intersection of business strategy and technology.

We are now transforming one of the most innovative, customer-centric, and cherished online retailers in the world.


We are small, cohesive, and deeply knowledgeable

The members of Celerity’s core team have studied at some of the elite computer science and related programs in the US. We have been together for 20 years.

We have a vast reservoir of experience, gained from executing massive and complex projects for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Our diverse set of skills empower us to not only interact with the CxOs of organizations and understand their complex business problems and needs, but to also enter the trenches and get our hands dirty with the technology. We understand high-level strategies as well as the nuts-and-bolts of building large, scalable enterprise applications.

Our belief is that a small, carefully assembled cohesive team is most efficient at solving complex problems. Celerity provides a depth of expertise under one roof.


We execute nimbly with rapid real-time learning and iteration

We are the antithesis of big consulting companies. Traditionally, whenever an organization encounters a complex problem, it first turns to a management consulting company, whose experts—who often lack deep operational experience—burn through millions of dollars to produce a report. A more tactical consulting company analyzes the report and creates a narrow, short-term, project oriented execution plan. This results in yet another report, and then potentially years of development. Meanwhile, the organization that requested this in the first place could be facing a changing business climate and an even more competitive environment.

Our approach is radically different. We bring an in-depth understanding of both the business and technological problems facing an organization. This allows us to immediately fathom the business strategies that need to be changed or implemented, while simultaneously prototyping the necessary technological solutions. We hypothesize and conduct technological experiments, the results of which feed business strategy, which then informs further prototyping and development.

We prototype. We learn. We re-engineer. We refine.


We cherish trust and commitment, and embody a holistic and empathic approach

We commit ourselves to deeply and holistically understanding the organization whose business we are helping improve. This means not just understanding the business and technology, but also comprehending the desires and motivations of the organization’s employees, so that any solution we propose leads to greater employee participation and satisfaction. From the outset, we seek to involve the organization’s key people in the process—so that they learn with us as we bring about changes to their business strategies and technological platforms. It’s part of our commitment to the organization. When the organization’s employees see the quick results we can deliver, they become motivated to join us and become part of the transformation. We are constantly training and mentoring people, so that no one struggles with the new solutions that are being put in place.

Crucially, our commitment to participate in an organization’s transformation from beginning to end means that they trust us like their own internal employees. Our relationships run deep. 


Our solutions are superior, deep, fast and effective

Celerity’s technical expertise is second to none. For most product vendors, branding, selling and pretty interfaces take priority, while functionality remains shallow — we are focused on solving problems and our solutions run deep. We use machine learning and business analytics to build applications that empower an organization and its users. But these technologies are of little value if the business data is messy, untrustworthy. So, as a first step, we build a solid foundation of good, clean data. Our solutions sit atop this trusty base and at the heart of the solutions is a rules-driven engine. The engine taps deep into the application’s bowels, allowing an organization to fundamentally alter the way it handles its own data and evolve as the business needs change. Business intelligence triggers alert end users to changing business trends, enabling them to keep their business rules updated and their applications fine-tuned. End users are thus able to holistically understand and analyze their data and application.


We prototype. We learn. We re-engineer. We refine.